Top 5 Personalized Newborn Gifts

By on October 14, 2019

If you are looking into getting a gift for a newborn baby, getting something personalized can be a great keepsake for the child and their parents. Below is a list of the top five personalized newborn baby gifts.

1) Picture Frame. A personalization picture frame with the child’s name and birth date is a great gift to give. Though try to pick on that isn’t too baby themed. That way it can be used for years to come, allowing the parents to put new pictures in the frame as the child grows.

2) Blanket. You can get baby blankets with the name of the child and date of birth embroidered on it. A personalized baby blanket is a practical gift when the baby is small, but can be saved as a keepsake once the child is too big to use it as a blanket. You may also find that this personalized blanket may even become a lovey for the newborn, giving it a use for years to come.

3) Baby Book. Most new parents either have or want a baby book to record all the firsts of the newest member of their family. So a baby book that is personalized makes a great gift. This is a gift that is better to give before or just after the child is born. Because of this, you may only be able to put the name of the child as personalization on the baby book.

4) Sign. Another great gift you can personalize is a sign for the baby’s room with the child’s name on it. If you go with this gift, it’s best to find out what the theme, if any, the baby’s nursery is going to be in. That way when you order the personalized sign you can make certain that it will match or at least fit in with the theme of the nursery.

5) Hooded towels. When a baby is a newborn, bath time can be an adventure. But a hooded towel makes sure that the newborn is nice and warm as soon as they are taken out of the bath. By choosing a hooded towel to be a personalized gift, you will be giving something very useful. You can also buy bigger hooded towels that will last the child through toddlerhood.

These are the top five personalized newborn baby gifts you can choose to give. By picking any of these gifts, you know your present will be at big hit with the parents of the new baby.