Things to do on mother’s day near me

By on March 17, 2020

Absolutely, a routine helps enormously. I’m a huge advocate of routines, and have written about them here. So your words are true! I think one of the specific challenges among a sector of mother’s day gift readers are having very small children at home. It’s borderline impossible to have the same day every day, and to get one thing done means to also stop three times to refill a sippy cup, kiss a boo-boo, pick up a toy from the high chair again and again and again… My point being, I think a routine is most needed and highly recommended, but it’s not always easy with little ones. It’s easy to let life’s little chores pile up, if you’re not careful.

I’ve done that 15 minute timer trick many times and it works wonders. Sometimes I look around and get overwhelmed with the amount of things I see that I want to clean, tidy up, or organize. I set the timer and I do what I can in that time period. I may not get to it all, but I always feel much better after I am done. It saves my sanity.

I’ve recently discovered that listening to podcasts while ironing helps me to stop putting it off. I actually look forward to it sometimes if there’s something interesting on my iPod!

I decided to try a similar tack with other tasks that I put off around the house. If I’m feeling overwhelmed or simply can’t be bothered with something, I put on some fast tempo music and do whatever it is for the duration of 1 song. Nine times out of ten, I get the task done before the song finishes

People ask me all the time how I keep my house so “clean” and THIS IS THE ANSWER!!! I’m not neurotic, really – I’m not one of “those moms.” I just have a place for everything and about 2-3 times a day, I do a clean sweep through the main room and kitchen and put everything back where it belongs. The kids pick up their toys before naps and bedtime. I clean up kitchen messes immediately and if dishes sit in the sink, they soak in water to avoid food crusties. I fold and put away laundry right away. (that’s a big one b/c if I leave it for later, I won’t do it for days)

I linked to your blog to tell my friends and readers the answer to the “your house always seems so clean…” comments. THANKS!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself.