These Style Tips for Wedding Will Turn You Into Queen in Your Own Wedding

By on June 7, 2016

The wedding is undeniably one of the most important occasion for every couple. Therefore, the groom and bride would like to look their bests at their wedding. Especially for the bride, it’s the moment where they look beautiful the most. These style tips for a wedding will help you to look the best version of you and become the queen in your wedding.

First, consider the type of the wedding dress. Match it with your figure so you will not look like some clumsy princess. If you are short, an above knee dress with a tail will make you look taller and style your hair in a bun to reveal your gorgeous neck. If you are petite, a sweetheart dress with the heart-shaped chest will fill out your figure. Perfectly styled curls to decorate your head will add the elegance of your look.

The next style tips for a wedding is to be careful with the choice of shoes. Make sure you don’t sacrifice the comfort for the look only. You obviously don’t want to trip during tour wedding ceremony. A flat shoe is right for a skinny and tall woman, while shoes with some heels can do well for petite and short women. High kneeled shoes go well with the short dress while open toe shoes go well with long, flowing dress.

For the last, makeup. You are your most beautiful version when it is you. It means you should ask the makeup artist not to put your face too much make up. The risk is you can be highly unrecognizable, or you will look like Frankenstein’s bride. Pull out make up that can bring out your natural beauty. Besides, those happy smiles decorating your lips will also add your charm. Those are style tips for the wedding for the best look in your most special day.