The Range of Clothes from See by Chloe and Alice by Temperly

By on October 15, 2019

Now when it comes down to it, who doesn’t like to always dress their best? At the same time though, one should also want to cultivate their own distinctive look using unique clothes, and fashion accessories. Designs that are based off of a slightly edgy contemporary design motif.

See by Chloe has an amazing line this season that has lots of tops and very few pants. All the same though, all the tops look absolutely amazing. One very distinctive design feature that you will notice in several of her pieces is a very comfortable appearing droopy look that has the bottom landing a good measure below the waistline.

Her very elegant burgundy silk v back top is a stellar example of just what I’m referring to here. It’s absolutely timeless in its design, and truly feminine on top of it all. It drapes off the shoulders incredibly smoothly then falls all the way down about 8 inches past the waistline.

In about the same price range is a great looking two tone gray and black button down knit sweater. It’s the ultimate winter knit because it’s not too thick, and heavy, and has nice roomy pockets to keep your hands warm in when you step outside.

For casual wear See by Chloe also has a nice selection of custom tailored silk screened tees. These super cool shirts feature an extra wide neck, a long cut that goes down below the waist, and are made from premium quality cotton. They’re great for daytime wear or, for clubbing in the evenings.

Now there are some pants and trousers in her collection, but just not nearly as many as there are tops. As an example her great cotton blend pleated pant is well worth checking out. Not only do they look great with a baggy cut that tapers to a tight fit at the ankle, but they also feature an elastic waist for an easy comfortable fit.

Alice by Temperly also has some amazing new looks this season, and her eclectic collection is very difficult to categorize. The reason for this is that she makes such full use of colors, and geometry to create unique designs on her pieces. Pieces that range from a stunning bright, and colorful floral Jude dress, to a stark black mini Alisha dress.

Then there are pieces in her collection that combine color and geometric shapes for incredible looks that just have to be seen to be appreciated. Works like her full length knitted cream colored cardi with bright red zig-zag design. It’s something that would go great over jeans and t-shirt just as well as over a more formal evening ensemble.