The History of Mont Blanc Pens

By on October 16, 2019

Today the name Mont Blanc is synonymous for luxury items including of course, exquisite hand crafted pens but it hasn’t always been that way. You see, in their very early years they were known as Simplo Fuller Pen Company. A small company based out of Hamburg Germany that made rather simply crafted fountain pens, by today’s standards.

Their Early Years as a Start up Enterprise
The company at that time in the early 1900s was owned by three men, August Eberstein, Claus-Johannes Voss and Alfred Nehemias. Back then, being that they were a relatively new start up enterprise, the company made and sold only one pen model and that was their Rouge Et Noir that was launched in 1909.

Their First Name Change to Mont Blanc Pens
Soon after in 1910, a new model was designed and launched and that pen carried the name Mont Blanc. No one is really sure why but not long thereafter the men who ran the company decided to adapt that name to their company and hence, the company began to be known as Mont Blanc pens. By the way, Mont Blanc is the name of a mountain in France and also translates to “White Mountain” in English.

The Mont Blanc Star is launched in 1913
Their next pen to make its debut was the Mont Blanc Star in 1913 and it’s still today affectionately referred to by collectors around the globe as the Snowflake. In fact even to this day it’s one of their most sought after pens and is also extremely valuable by the way.

Their Second Name Change Came in 1934 & Again in 1977
The company continued to experience growth, due to the expanding popularity of their well made pens and in 1934 the decision was made to again change their name to Mont Blanc Simplo. So that was the name that they stuck with, all the way up to the year 1977 when the company was sold to Dunhill Corp and became known as Mont Blanc once again.

The Mont Blanc Line is expanded beyond Pens
Shortly thereafter, the decision was made to upgrade their pen line to include only high end, finely crafted pens and to also expand the entire company line to include a series of other quality crafted luxury products. At the present time Mont Blanc is operated by the Richmond group. A business conglomerate that also includes some other familiar names like Cartier and Van Cleef.

Mont Blanc Limited Edition and Collectors Series Pens
They have also continued to add new pens to their ever growing line and have become very well known for the limited edition and collectors series pens. Mont Blanc has also gained a well earned reputation for their incredibly wide range of prices that includes pens that can be found for as low as $250 all the way up to pens that carry price tags of over $100,000.