Steps for Korean Skin Care Routine You Can Do At Home

By on May 4, 2016

Korean Skin Care Routine

Skin care is not a simple thing to do. Moreover, when it comes to Korean skin care routine, it will be little bit more complicated to do. There are some steps that should be done when you want to do the skin caring as Korean usually done with. What are the steps? The first step that you have to do is removing the makeup in your eye. You have to do it gently or you will hurt your eye. Then, the next step is you have to do the cleansing on your face in about 30 minutes.

The next part of Korean skin care routine is you have to use the exfoliator. It would be better is the process of exfoliating is using the natural scrub. Then, you can use the refresher to make your face feel fresh again. Then, the next step of this kind of skin care routine is putting or using the essence. The essence is considered as the most important one for many of Korean Women when they are doing the skin care routine. Then, using the ampoules which are the version of essence which have more super concentration become the next part of this skin care routine.

The next step which is become the 7th step of this kind of skin caring is using the sheet mask on your face. What is sheet mask? Actually, this is a kind of mask is the mask that you have to put it on your face twice within a week. Then, using the eye cream is one important part of caring your skin. By using the eye cream, you will be helped to eliminate the pulling and tugging near your eyes. Then, the last step of this skin caring is that you have to use the moisturizer. So, that is all the steps of Korean skin care routine.