Simple Tips for Choosing Casual Dresses for Women in Every Occasion

By on May 21, 2016

Casual Dresses for Women

Casual dresses for women have been the current trend. Wearing casual dress allows for more freedom and comfort. Now, looking casual doesn’t make the wearers less fashionable. For a fashionable casual dress, mix and match some outfits in your closet. For a casual and sporty look, mix a pair of jeans with a crop top or a jersey shirt, wear sneakers and sporty hat for the addition. A chic tote bag matches well with this style. For a more earthy look, switch the jeans with short or legging and use boots, leather boots look better compared to suede boot.

It’s different case when you want a casual dresses for women in winter, a furry suede boots, along with legging, scarf and cardigan will do the winter casual look. For more feminine looks, a semi-casual shirt with plaited or flared up skirt will make you looks sweet in your casual outfit. It is better to choose soft color like crème, soft pink or light brown. Match with dark colored bottom to avoid the outfit to look too plain. Add some accessories like headband, ponytail band, hat, necklace and bracelet.

For the choice of accessories, it can be matched with the color of the outfit. Don’t choose overly simple accessories yet don’t choose one that is too gaudy or too flashy. Make your style looks perfect with soft, feminine make up. Highlight the eyes with eyeliner and use eyelashes curler for a bigger look. Use nude or fresh-colored lipstick. Avoid using too heavy make up for not only it will not look good in casual outfit but it may come off cakey if used for too many activities. Add some vibrant color if the overall color of the outfit looks muted, consider the similar tone with few shades brighter. Now you are all set for casual dresses for women.