New Italian Adventures in Today’s Economy

By on October 17, 2019

Managing all of the different aspects and details that go into an eating establishment that is not just a place to get food but is actually an experience definitely has its challenges, but is also very rewarding and fulfilling. We are able to work with people and humanity in a social and friendly atmosphere that makes it such a pleasure. As my partner, Dmitry Lisovitskiy, comes from a managerial background, especially in the IT sector, this was a chance for him to interact with the public at a new level and in a refreshing way. We aren’t just looking to make a buck; we are genuinely interested in the human element and how we can contribute to people enjoying themselves.

As far as starting the establishment in a medium-sized town like Clearwater, Florida, there were several aspects to consider. First, we found there was a demand for fine dining in the downtown area that was not being answered. Second, there is a general lack of authentic Italian food culture throughout the US, as it has been absorbed and Americanized, so we wanted to provide that experience to our patrons. And third, we were able to find a perfect venue that would allow us to answer the first two demands. Our location has allowed us to customize a floor plan that is complete with an Italian fountain and mezzanine that will convey the atmosphere of an Italian piazza. So instead of someone just ordering a pizza and or a pasta dish, we wanted to provide an atmosphere that would also lift the mood with a specific aesthetic.

Regarding the bigger picture of the economy, we really don’t consider this a major factor and don’t think others should either. If you do your job very well, if you give 100% yourself to the job and are genuinely passionate, you can never fail. Additionally, we are dealing with an industry where there is constant demand. People still need good food. They still need entertainment. And if you’re the best of the best, they will go to your place. Another good thing about the recession is that people would like to get real value for their money. If it’s not a recession, people may not be so selective, but because their funds may become limited, they would like to make sure they are completely satisfied with their service and experience. Our goal is to bring people more value on the money they spend, and that is key because they will value you, trust you and be happy with what they have received, which is what it is all about.