Make them chuckle: funny gifts for children

By on October 16, 2019

Children are invariably little monkeys. There’s something about kids which has them laughing with each other constantly, and making adults laugh with them! We all remember how much fun being a child could be, with everything around you providing total fascination and sources for rich imaginations… all those days playing games and running about outside.

These are the times when young minds and creativity are at their most fertile, and the more you can encourage their creative and curious sides with fun and games, the better. After all, nothing is more lovely than hearing children laughing – unless of course it’s that type of furtive laughter from, say, the kitchen which suggests that they are actually up to some kind of mischief… such as tucking into their birthday food a little earlier than they were meant to!

When picking gifts for children you can have a huge amount of fun. Unlike adults, the ranges of gifts for children are huge and always changing. Kids don’t generally care too much about expense either – especially small children. We’ve all groaned inwardly after treating a small child to a particularly fancy gift item at Christmas and then watch them casually discard it in favour of the box and interesting wrapping…. so have fun picking small and fun little items that will make them giggle and spark off a new idea for a game – gifts for children are intrinsically fun and humorous, and you’ll have just as much fun picking them as they will playing with them!

Children’s Fun Photoshoot

Gifts for children that capture their energy are wonderful – and if you can get them to stand still for long enough, this fantastic photo shoot is a great way to record the special years of their lives! Even better, parents get to relax in calm surroundings while their kids are being treated to a wonderful experience full of treats and pampering! Ideal for girls, this session will treat the princess to a new hair style, kid-friendly refreshments including juice and lollipops, a pampering hand cream treatment ‘just like Mum’ and a wonderful photoshoot with a professional photographer.

Your little star can change into several outfits during the experience and the print you choose will be transformed into a beautiful photo to frame and cherish forever. This present combines fun and a great experience with all the lasting memories a parent could want.

If you are looking for presents for children who are smaller and more quirky – perhaps something to pop into the post for a favourite godchild or family friend, then why not try something really different?

Chopstick Kid – gifts for children with humour!

These fantastic chopsticks are ideal for children being introduced to tasty Chinese and Asian food! The chopstick kid is simply slipped into the ends of regular chopsticks and he tapes them together, making them into mini tongs which are far easier for young hands to use! The Chopstick kid is soft, brightly coloured and fully washable, and provides fun and amusement whilst being a practical gift that’s perfect for children getting to grips with new cuisines.

In fact, he’s so useful he’ll probably come in handy for older members of the family who also struggle with chopsticks and are prone to making embarrassing gaffes with the traditional way of eating Asian food! These would make a fantastic little stocking filler or a little ‘everyday’ gift to pop into the post with a card – kids love nothing more than an impromptu present that says they are being thought of – and they’ll love you for it!

Remember too that kids love spending time with their favourite family members or friends, so why not guarantee the most chuckles by taking them out for the day! It doesn’t need to be anything particularly fancy – a trip to the swimming pool, a local park or even to the playground will amuse smaller children, and older kids will enjoy going to see a funny film on a Sunday afternoon with lots of popcorn!

Other great options include indoor fun warehouses and go-Karting tracks – and bowling is always fun too and something that the whole family can get involved with! With a fun outing and some amusing little gifts to entertain the children with, they are guaranteed to end up having plenty of fun – and it’s fairly guaranteed that seeing their smiles will put you in a fantastic mood too – after all, laughter is infectious!