Kylie Jenner Hair Extensions Are Now Available in Store, Grab it Fast!

By on May 23, 2016

Kylie Jenner hair

The youngest Kardashian, Kylie has just announced the release of one of her beauty line up Kylie Jenner hair extensions. The hair extensions are in the form of hair clips when the user only needs to clip artificial hair to their natural ones.

There are many choices of colors and styles, all created to be combined with the natural hairs. One thing that people who want to use this hair clip is to consider the length of the hair. It is best if the natural hair is six inches or longer. Match the tone of the hair to the hair clip even when a contrast look is desired. It is because the hair extension may look fake if it doesn’t match well.

Consider the texture of the hair to match with the Kylie Jenner hair extension. This is because most of the hair clips are chosen from silk texture and only look best when it is combined with straight hair. People whose hairs are not straight may have difficulty to make the extension looks as natural as possible. If user has dry and chapped hair, it is better to treat the hair with hair mask or vitamin to get silky texture.

It is best if the natural hair is thick because if it is thin, the natural hair may have a hard time to carry the weight of the clipped hair. Style the hair as well with curler or blower to make it look even more impressive.

Note that there is no instruction in the package, user may need to see an online tutorial if they cannot figure it out. However, using Kylie Jenner hair extension is actually pretty simple, just snap open the clip, slide it to the natural hair and shut it after adjusting it with the natural hair.