How to Save Money in Rough Economic Climate

By on June 3, 2017

Tips on Saving Money as a Family

In these tough economic times, frugality pays “literally.” There are many ways for families to save money and enjoy doing it together. I have used most of the tips below and they will save you money and you will benefit in many ways, including the satisfaction you will get from knowing you were successful in living within your budget.

Couponing 101

Many people think it is too time consuming to clip coupons and then remember to take them to the store. However, if you do it right, it can save you money and it won’t take a lot of your time.

Get organized

First you need to get organized by getting a coupon caddy or ‘organizer.’ You can find these at The Dollar Tree or other dollar stores in your area. Make tabs for the things you normally buy, like cleaning products, cosmetics/beauty aids, pet stuff, snacks, imperishable, etc…….

Clip from Sunday’s newspaper

Use Sunday’s paper as your main source for coupons. Clip only the coupons for items you already use or were going to try anyway. Hold on to your coupons until the item is on sale and you will save more, but be sure to use before the expiration date.

Check Clearance Kiosk

I always check out the clearance items in places like Wal-Mart first, and then use the coupon. This is how you really rack up the savings, because the items are already marked way down and you can also use your coupon.

Find stores in your area that double coupons

If stores where you live double coupons and they are within close proximity to your house, then it’s worth it to buy items you use when they’re on sale and then get your couponed. However, with gas being high, I don’t recommend driving more than 5-10 miles, and then only if you have multiple items to purchase.

Get the kids involved in saving money

Teach age appropriate children to think of ways they can earn money, such as babysitting, pet sitting, mowing lawns, or delivering papers. Earning their own money teaches them the value of it and will likely make them more cautious as to what they spend it on.

Have the kids take short showers instead of baths to cut water consumption. Teach them to hang up their clothes upon removing them if they are not soiled. This will prevent having to wash and dry as often, thus saving money.

Turn off water while brushing teeth, and briefly running it for rinsing.

Drink water, milk and juices which are less expensive than soda.

Turn off lights, TV’s, computers, stereo, and other small appliances when not in use.

Give gifts of time instead of money.

Reduce number of times you eat out vs. eating at home.

Carpool with other friends, family if possible to save on gas.

Keep cars tuned to maximize gas mileage.

Ask about opportunities to lower interest rate on credit cards, or better than that, live on cash and shred credit cards.

These suggestions are all common sense things, but doing them will help you to live within your monthly budget.