Graduation Gift Guide to Suit Every Personality and Interest

By on May 30, 2016

Graduation Gift

Graduation is one of moment people desire most to be remembered, and it has one of the happiest occasion that everybody who has finished study wants to celebrate with. Giving gifts, of course, is the most appropriate thing to do if you have relatives or friends who have just graduated either from school, college, university.

Here’s Graduation gift guide for you to decide which gifts will suit your beloved fresh graduated friend or relative.

For the Beauty Freak

Give them the latest makeup kit that will be her additional ‘weapon’ in practicing her love for makeup and face art. There are many choices of makeup tools and products, but you can give her make up kit instead since the price of the makeup kit usually is lower than buying them one by one.

There is the make-up kit from the sensational celebrity; Kylie Jenner called Kylie Jenner makeup kit that includes all makeup products from lip cream to eyeliner. Given, your gift will not be wasted.

For The Astronomy Freak

If your friend happens to be one of those nerds who take outer space into the different level, this Graduation gift guide will guide you to choose what should be one that will support his/her hobby. The telescope, a map of Mars, or maybe some galactic mini rocket will suit the party.

Wrap them in a queer wrapping as additional. He or she will appreciate the gift.

The Bohemian Chic

For those old souls, it may be difficult to choose the right gift for them. However, there is one thing particular about old souls; they are either like unusual thing that nobody in his/her age likes or something that has historical value. Maybe some antique stuff from the antique store, or artwork from a festival.

Maybe you can look for another kind of gifts and adjust it with the person’s specific interest. Hopefully, this Graduation gift guide can be the reference.