Football gifts guaranteed to score highly

By on October 16, 2019

The beautiful game is the pre-eminent global sport, watched and participated in by billions of people. From humble beginnings on the muddy, Victorian fields of patrician elite schools like Eton and Rugby to the pinnacle of the money-driven, fanatically supported game it is now, football is an all-pervasive and phenomenally popular global sport. The corollary of this is that a huge amount of related markets that have sprung up around football, providing football gifts, football media and football clothing, to name but a few.

In fact, in most families, and I know this from experience, if someone likes football then it is usually a slam dunk in gift terms, as you know there are a huge number of football gifts out there. In more recent times, girls have become more and more interested and involved in football and this great step forward is good for football in general, as it further swells the support for what is a great sport. However, for those of you still having trouble with picking football gifts out for someone special, then below are a good selection of football gifts.

What has to be mentioned here is that one other part of the gift market has overlapped with football gifts, and that is personalisation. This works really well as many people hero-worship their team, and anything that gives the illusion of that is immediately successful! For instance, one absolutely brilliant football gift is the You’re A Legend Personalised Football commentary. This utterly enchanting gift places somebody into any game, in any situation you describe, on any side you want, at any stage of a competition, and makes them the hero of their own fantasy! It is complete with professional production skills that one customer said “…could have been broadcast on the radio without being out of place”. It could be banging in a penalty against your arch rivals, or scoring for England in the last minute of the World Cup final; almost nothing is off limits.

Along this line of gifts, there is a large range of choice. However, another thing worthy of being highlighted is the personalised football book for your team. Clad in genuine leather and inscribed with the person’s name on the front, this book tells the story of your chosen football club through media coverage of the last 100 years. Reports and full pages are reproduced on thick gauge paper for longevity, and this then tells the full story of your club. As well as being personalised to the person, this quality crafted present is a king among football gifts, as it will last an extremely long time. Football fans of any age would thoroughly enjoy this great piece of sporting history.

Now, other football gifts might come in the guise of boots, shin pads or other kit that might be needed for playing the game. However, some other football related things are more suited to the indoors, and table football is one of them. If you have never played table football then you have truly led a sheltered life, especially if you have never had the age-old dispute over whether spinning is allowed or not! In any case, you can pick up all sorts of football tables online, from small portable ones to gigantic and beautifully crafted solid wood pieces. It makes for a fun (and competitive) thing to do with a group of friends, and scoring a goal on a pitch or on a table is pleasurable in any case!

I suppose these are all quite large gifts, and you are not always looking for extremely big football gifts but little things, stocking fillers, if you will, and there are plenty of these around too. For instance, buying the jersey for the team they support (now is a good time, as it is summer and the new kits are coming in) is a good idea, as is picking up some sort of memorabilia or even subscribing them to their team’s programme if they do not regularly attend games. Other great small gifts include mugs of your favourite team, cuff links of their favourite team, personalised calendars and memo boards and even a wallet with the crest of their club on. One thing that cannot be said about football gifts is that there isn’t any variation, as if there is something that can be bought savvy clubs will make sure that their emblem is on it!

So, if you have football nuts in your family, you can rest easy when choosing gifts, as there are literally hundreds of options for you to choose from, with only a few chosen above.