Determining What To Buy In Baby Jewelry As A Gift

By on October 15, 2019

You have been asked to attend a baby shower and had an idea of baby jewelry to be given as a gift. Maybe the baby cannot wear it immediately but the thought counts. This baby gift can also become a special memory especially if you are very close to the mom-to-be. Here are some ideas of what to look for.

Beings most baby showers are close to the time of birth, the names are usually picked out and mom knows if it will be a boy or girl. Of course surprises still do happen! Do not ever buy cheap, inexpensive jewelry. A baby is brand new to the world and can develop allergies quickly. Always check what type of metal is touching their skin.

A baby bracelet is a perfect idea for a boy or a girl. You can have the baby’s name or initials engraved in beautiful sterling silver. Or simply leave blank until the baby is born. Place it in a gift box with their name on it. Mom will cherish it for a long time to come. Or change it up and buy an anklet instead. Of course never use beads or stretch cords as that is very dangerous and presents a choking hazard. You can add a splash of color or smooth stones for a soft affect.

A jewelry box is a must have! If the nursery has a theme, make sure to blend in with the theme. Engrave their first name on to the box or again wait until they are born. You could hand design the jewelry box and make it one of a kind and unique. If you are an artist, you could buy a jewelry box at a craft store and hand paint characters on it. If you could not paint, buy stickers to match the nursery theme and remember to put their name on it.

Make sure the jewelry box plays music. Babies love music as it is very soothing. They can get used to the melody playing while lying in their crib. Down the road, they can associate the melody to special memories when it was played. You could place the baby bracelet in the jewelry box and have a two for one gift idea!

Another baby jewelry idea is a sterling silver pacifier holder. This beautiful holder sometimes comes with a certification tag for the babies name as a memorable keepsake. Mom and dad will absolutely love this idea! This will surely be a conversation piece. Or try a necklace with a pendant and the babies first name engraved on it along with matching earrings. Absolutely adorable!