Create Your Own Fashion and Trends

By on March 3, 2017

There is something about what each lady wears, it need not be special, it need not be very attention grabbing, but it essentially has to be something that is very feminine. Whatever a lady wears should make her look every bit of the lady that she is from inside and from the outside as well.

To make her feel that way too, a woman wears only that which makes her feel feminine. Probably that is why, women are said to be more cautious and more charming, when it comes to being dressed properly.

One major propelling factor is sure that the attire she adorns and the confidence she carries it with. Women’s fashion is has and will be a major component to grab attention and keep the flame burning. It not only enhances a personality but adds to the confidence of the person.

Variety is the spice of life..

As women the choice of material color and design matter lot elegance is not with the dress it’s with the right choice. We will discuss a few possible choice possibilities for official look. They say formals and business casuals but if youz are one that likes to the T descriptions read on buddy

Let’s talk about the best divisions possible in women’s fashion for this category:

1) Pants

If you have a slight tummy and not really heavy on your feet then the straight Pencil pants are a Perfect fit but if you have heavy thighs the better choice would be a trouser the olden Model Pants just seem to be creeping back into fashion so experimenting with harem formal might not be a mistake…

2) Skirts

This what I’d suggest if the meeting you are attending is followed up by a Party then it would Probably be a good choice to wear a pencil skirt loose flowing skirts don’t really hit the mark for official use.

3) Dress

When we speak of a dress a thousand models and ideas come to our mind am going to elaborate only the kinds that suit official purpose

a) Peplums:

It’s the perfect choice for someone with a slight flab teaming it with a blazer always adds to the beauty of a beautiful Peplum dress or skirt

b) Empire waist:

The empire waist dresses manage to highlight the body in a majestic way and are an amazing to dress in Plaid colors

c) Basque

The Victorian style dress has left a mark being modified to magnificent personality enhancing beauty.

d) Tunics

Tunics are a fun way to add to the beauty of a formal occasion so if you are bored with the daily dress you wear throw in an occasional peplum with a Legging and steal the show with the right accessories

4) Blouses:

The must haves blouses are usually simple button downs in white, black, beige and cream.

The wrap blouse has begun making its mark in the ladies wardrobe industry but do not prefer it if you have an amazing bosom. The short sleeve blouses a strict yes but make sense only if worn tight. The peasant blouse has been in fashion since the 1960s and yet draws awe when teamed with formal pants and is big yes of present times.

Dos and dont’s

  • Never prefer floral prints they discourage or reduce the seriousness of your talk
  • Compulsory additions to wardrobe should be a black and beige Blazers
  • Pick scarves that match any and every dress
  • Prefer one or two Pairs of accessories that go with most of the dresses