Being Frugal and the Environment

According to, the definition of frugal is “economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful.” At I usually apply frugality to finances, but frugality is really much more than that. It’s making the best use of the resources around you. That includes taking good care of the environment.I’ve mentioned before […]

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Best Deals on Moisturizer Products for Your Everyday Use

Moisturizers are sometimes called emollients. They are a complex mixture of chemical agents designed to make your skin softer. Using high-quality moisturizers can be your key for great-looking skin. Moisturizers help prevent and will definitely help you treat dry skin. It also protects sensitive skin and can improve skin tone as well as their texture. […]

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Modern Kitchens – The Center Of The Modern Home

Well, we all know that technology is continuously growing, which means that life is changing. Change of life of people is required when performing so. The contemporary home is the perfect home for everyone that they deserve, as well as providing you have made these changes. Installing architectural mosaic wall art decor in your modern […]

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A Bit About A Possible Culture Tour Of Italy

Although a small country by geographical area, Italy is a big country when it comes to diversity, culture and history. Therefore, those who are truly interested in the country would gain from visiting the country multiple times, each time spending a while on a single location. One of the topmost locations where you can get […]

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Mother's Day Giveaway: Win a $50 Groupon Gift Card!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and Groupon wants to give a little something back to all the moms out there that “do the do” everyday. For the next three weeks, we’ll be picking a new winner each week to take home a $50 Groupon gift card. Just think.. you can spoil her rotten with a […]

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Does Amazon Really Have Better Prices?

With the advent of online shopping, it’s feasible to not have to go to the store for anything except some late night children’s Tylenol when you realize you’re all out and the little one has a fever at midnight. Beyond that, there’s an online option for just about anything. is the winner when it […]

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Make Money by Saving Money

A recent article on the website by Karen E. Klein called “Three Easy Ways to Cut Costs” focused on ways that small business owners can save money. How can the average homeowner use these money saving tips to “Make Money by Saving Money”? TIP #1: The first suggestion in Ms. Klein’s article was “Do […]

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designer sunglasses

They’re a bit of a status symbol, aren’t they? Women, as well as men, love designer sunglasses. And why not? We wear them almost daily, so why should we not pay for them? And since we pay for them, why should our friends not see the cool designer name etched on the side? Ray Bans […]

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How to Save Money in Rough Economic Climate

Tips on Saving Money as a Family In these tough economic times, frugality pays “literally.” There are many ways for families to save money and enjoy doing it together. I have used most of the tips below and they will save you money and you will benefit in many ways, including the satisfaction you will […]

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Save Thousands Each Year with These Money Saving Tips

Give Yourself an Instant Raise by Saving Your Hard Earned Money Money saving tips that can save you thousands every year are right under your nose. We all want that miracle cure that will allow up to save money and still live our comfortable lifestyle. These money saving tips should help you stay within your […]

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