Brownells Store Review – A Company Selling Gun Store

By on December 7, 2016

Ever heard of store that has exclusively only sell guns? People probably have already heard about Brownells. This gun selling company has been exist for 77 years and founded by Brownell family. The store is originally in Iowa but it has expanded and starts to accept shipping order.

The latest one is their grand opening their first retail store in Grinnell, Iowa. His store exclusively sells guns and its parts and accessories. Store with 7000 square retail store as well as 245,000 distribution centre can hold many collection of guns. The collection is varied, from Glocks to riffles, all are available.


Brownells is one of the few stores that has been trusted by many gun enthusiasts. The quality of the gun is under good care here and every weapons sold in here is sure to have license and is legit. Moreover, as the manager of the store said, people can directly modify and add accessories or parts of the gun at the store. The Brownell family is sure taking much attention for the customer satisfaction.

They recruit full time and part time workers that trained to know and capable of gun stuff as well. There is 30 totals of workers and 1200 firearms. If customer couldn’t find the gun or accessories in the counter, they can assign their desired product if it may be found in warehouse or the store will try to help finding them by providing computer in which customer can get access of the store collection.

Overall, Brownells is an experienced store that gives satisfying customer care and is well-managed one. The computing system is new to this old founded store and it is a good development of a gun store in a little town like Iowa. For the price, compared to the service it gives is worth the money and the store is located in a strategic location as well.

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