Baby Blankets – Swaddle Them In Love

By on October 14, 2019

As soon as we hear someone we love is expecting, we immediately begin planning gifts of blankets. We sew tiny quilts, knit and crochet treasured heirlooms, and buy beautiful blankets that are sure be loved and utilized in various ways.

Why are gifts of baby blankets so revered? Because when parents swaddle a newborn, they are, by extension, enveloping it in our love. The swaddling blanket, like familial love, helps calm a newborn, and makes the baby feel secure enough to sleep without startling, as well as helping to regulate its temperature, and may help prevent SIDS. The gifted blanket snuggles the cherished babies when we cannot be there to do it ourselves.

It can be a beautiful gesture to gift a new parent with an heirloom blanket that has a history, such as the blanket that was used to bring the baby’s mother or father home from the hospital when they were first born. If this item is unavailable, it isn’t difficult to create a new heirloom blanket and there are many styles from which to choose.

Blankets come in a wide array of fabrics and designs so there is something to suit the needs of every parent. Receiving blankets are typically made of flannel to ensure they feel soft against a baby’s skin. The most common use for the receiving blanket is swaddling, but they can perform other functions, as well. They are light and comfortable, and can provide extra warmth in the crib, a light covering for riding in the car seat or stroller, protect a surface for diaper changes, or used as an impromptu burp cloth. If a baby sling is a bit too deep, a receiving blanket can help take up some of the space, making the baby feel more comfortable while being worn.

Stroller blankets can be made of many fabrics from smooth cotton to satin, or knitted and crocheted from a favored yarn. They are used to tuck around the baby during rides in the carriage so the baby stays toasty warm. Stroller blankets are also useful around the house and can be placed on a floor or on the ground so the baby has a clean place to sit and play.

Crib quilts can be found in just about any color so they will match the nursery–or inspire the nursery’s design. Some parents prefer to hang crib quilts on the wall as decor since many quilts are so adorable it’s almost shameful to keep them hidden behind the bed’s railings.

If a suitable quilt cannot be found, there are dozens of patterns to make one, and a handmade quilt is most certain to be treasured for many years. Fabrics have never been more gorgeous, and quilt supply shops are bursting with exciting new designs.

Given the length of time a baby blanket can be used, and all the ways a baby blanket can be used, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular gift choice.