If you’re a regular online shopper, you probably already know that your information is everywhere. On your Facebook page, you might have noticed those shoes you were browsing yesterday pop up on the sidebar.

A little creepy, right? And yet, we ignore it because it’s become our new normal. But one study by investigative journalists showed that some websites might actually be using your shopping history against you.

This shocking discovery showed that based on your spending habits and other factors, some items might appear higher for you, than for your friend who has different (and more frugal) spending habits, or might live one town over.

Another factor in the study was location. Never think you’re invisible—you’re not, even to a Staples store. One company said that they use the user’s IP address to determine the most appropriate price based on their location. If the retailer perceives that you live in a higher income area, the price comes up by a few bucks.

They can also gauge what bricks and mortar competitors might be near you, and thus price accordingly. For example, if you can easily visit a competing store only two miles away, the price will reflect that. In this case, you’re at the advantage.  Unless there is no competitor for miles…then you’re stuck. In that case, shop the competitor’s website instead!

Perhaps most disturbingly, is the prospect that you might be put into a category, based on your shopping habits, if you keep cookies on your computer. Or, if you have an account with the retail website, they know what kind of spender you are. You might be labeled “frugal” or “big spender.” On this, the retailers declined to comment, but the investigators suspect this plays a role.

Here’s the million dollar question: Is it fair? Retailers argue that this type of “dynamic pricing” happens all the time—the consumer is just used to it in the physical world. For example, a consumer might expect that gas is cheaper a few towns over because the average income is known to be higher. Why should Staples operate any differently? And what about consumer profiles that do allow for deeper discounts, like seniors and students?

The bottom line is this: as usual, do your shopping homework and delete your cookies.

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Most people like to save their money in shopping things where they can get discount. Individuals can save their money on discount sale. Not only saving money, people who do not have enough money to buy something can they go for discount sale. In olden times it is tough for people to find the discount sale and where they will get products for discount rate. But now the invention in technology made everything easy people can get everything in their doorstep.

Online shopping is become popular between people they can buy anything with the comfort of home. There are many online sites are ready to sell their products. Most of the people who are not interest to go for shopping can purchase things in online. The main advantage in purchasing online people can select the things with relax any tension. And they no need to search place for where they can park their vehicle.

People who are very busy in their work it is hard for them to go for shopping. If the crowd is high in the shop they need to wait and if the time turns 10 most of the shops are ready to close so people who come for shopping after their business hour it is hard for them to shop relax. People need to purchase the product without seeing many products in a rush hour.

But in online shopping, people can purchase the things at anytime without any tension. There are huge collections of products which are ready to sale and they can see the features and price of the products. It will help them to buy the products. Most of the people have the comparison between products price and features. They can see the price and features of every product and then decide which product is good for them.

Wide collections of products

It is good to see wide collections of products. They can buy the products which they like most. Most of the people have craze on dresses, accessories, shoes and bags they can find varieties of collection in online and they can choose the best model for low rate.

Online shopping made easy for people that they can buy the products of other countries and free shipping is offered by many countries. The country directly selling their product so the price of the product is low in online sale.

They also are offering free shipping which helps people to buy the different amount of items from the country which is famous for. Visitors of online store like to buy the accessories and dresses which they are using more and enjoy their shopping and they can save more money for every product.

The visitors who are purchasing in the online store they want to use the coupons in which they can get discount for every product. In some items the promo code is present in it and for some products the promo code are inside the website page and people need to mention the promo code for discounts. The wide collection of shoes can buy for half of the rate and for some products they will get 75% discount.

Having shoes with different models and brands is good for people because shoes are useful for daily uses. Ladies can purchase a wide choice of handbags in which they can take handbags which suits their dress. In discount sale where people like to purchase 1 will buy lots of collections. It is gain for both the customer and seller and both can enjoy the profit.

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Ever heard of store that has exclusively only sell guns? People probably have already heard about Brownells. This gun selling company has been exist for 77 years and founded by Brownell family. The store is originally in Iowa but it has expanded and starts to accept shipping order.

The latest one is their grand opening their first retail store in Grinnell, Iowa. His store exclusively sells guns and its parts and accessories. Store with 7000 square retail store as well as 245,000 distribution centre can hold many collection of guns. The collection is varied, from Glocks to riffles, all are available.


Brownells is one of the few stores that has been trusted by many gun enthusiasts. The quality of the gun is under good care here and every weapons sold in here is sure to have license and is legit. Moreover, as the manager of the store said, people can directly modify and add accessories or parts of the gun at the store. The Brownell family is sure taking much attention for the customer satisfaction.

They recruit full time and part time workers that trained to know and capable of gun stuff as well. There is 30 totals of workers and 1200 firearms. If customer couldn’t find the gun or accessories in the counter, they can assign their desired product if it may be found in warehouse or the store will try to help finding them by providing computer in which customer can get access of the store collection.

Overall, Brownells is an experienced store that gives satisfying customer care and is well-managed one. The computing system is new to this old founded store and it is a good development of a gun store in a little town like Iowa. For the price, compared to the service it gives is worth the money and the store is located in a strategic location as well.

Brownells Coupons

Use coupon code LAK good for $10 off all orders of $75+. Click here

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6PM Coupons and Deals

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6PM Store Review

6pm is an online store focused on selling fashion products. This one is the sister of Zappos, which is under Amazon. Though indirectly under Amazon that gives exceptional customer care, this fashion store focuses more on giving good price. As expected, this store is almost always giving big day sale and clearance sale every day. This is as expected from a site that focuses on giving good price in its products. In this shop, people can find shoes, clothes, jewelry, bags, and accessories.

Is 6pm Scam?

No, it is not a scam. The complaint received is only due to the strict of customer service this store has. Unlike Amazon, this online store doesn’t even have column for review and it doesn’t accept exchange. This is because this store focuses on giving good price. People may get discount and low price but don’t expect too much its customer service. Regardless, this online store is legit, since it is under big online store. Any product sold at this store is only the original and not any defects products are offered. Besides, their not accepting exchange is due to its nature to offer limited, out of stock products that people may not find in other store.

Tips on Buying at 6pm

The plus point of this store is that it often offers products that are limited, discontinued or out of stock in other stores. The stock may be limited, therefore, immediately place the order of the products desired and check on the website every day. The big sale in this store is offered everyday so people may as well has only slim chance to get limited products. Place order in the even if payment will not be done immediately. With this method, the chance of getting the desired product is bigger and payment doesn’t need to be done as soon as possible.

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Having coupon codes or valid coupon codes sometimes become a good chance for us. From the coupon codes that we have, we can get some opportunities, such as get the present, or something else, like the discount or sale in a certain shop.

As we know that coupon code is a code in which becomes a coupon to that could be use to get many advantages such things above. Actually, there are some kinds of way the company or shop to give to the coupon code to their consumers. Those ways can be used until the limited day that already set by the company or shop.

Some companies or shops spread their coupon codes directly in their shops; most of them do it by online and some other by their relation with other company.

Because this is coupon codes, which means the coupon is only about the code that we have, so we have to make sure that the coupon codes that we get is the valid coupon codes.

Of course, we will know that the coupon code is valid or not only by checking it to the company or shop. We can ask to the costumers services or ask whether there is a coupon code promotion or not.

After knowing whether your coupon code is the valid one or not, if yours is valid coupon codes, you have to make sure that you know the term in use of the coupon code that you have.

Something like the limit date and other things such what you will get by changing the coupon are the things that you have to know about, when you have a coupon code.

Do not forget to change the coupon with the present or sale that you have, so you can get the opportunity from the coupon you get.

Do you still confuse about how to get the valid coupon codes from certain shops, brands or companies? As already explained before, there are some ways of the shops, brands or companies to spread the coupon codes to their consumers, which mean there are some ways for you to get the coupon codes too.For the example, you might get the coupon by buying some products in certain amount of cost, then you will get the free coupons online.

Other way to get the coupon is that you might get the coupon from another shop or company, of course it because both of the company and shop have a relationship. You might get the coupon from the promotion or something else.

To sum up, there are some ways that give you a chance to get the coupon codes. From those ways, you can get your coupon. Check out popular coupon codes at this site

Then, after you get your coupon, you have to make sure that you know the term in use of the coupon that you have, so that you can get the present or the discount properly. Do not forget to change your valid coupon codes before the limit. Well, are you ready to change your coupon codes?

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END Clothing is a name of a clothing line based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. In the UK alone, the big store is spread to London and Glasgow with specialty in men’s wears—menswear. In here also offered students’ discounts, although not every day and you kind of have to be smart and initiative to check if there is one available.

End clothing student discount can also be collected through several websites that provide extreme couponing deals. The kind of clothes that they offer is vary from blazers, polo, shirts, jackets, swimwear, chinos, shorts, tops, coats, suits, trousers, jeans, sweats, underwear, knitwear and sweatpants. Each one of them is complete with top designers brand and those are all guaranteed high quality designed.

Other than clothes, End clothing student discount also offers coupons on footwear. Similar to clothes, END provides you with a variety of types and brands. You can find sneakers, sandals, or casual. You will also see familiar brand such as Nike and Adidas. Style is more than just footwear; you need complementary items to elevate your look. END clothing provides that too, accessories and grooming. In accessories department, accessories such as glasses, belts and even manly phone cases, interesting bags and anything that can complement your mens-look.

All those clothes, footwear, accessories and grooming can be yours with discounted price if you take action ASAP. The right way to do it is to go to websites that provides coupons for END Clothing Line such as Dealvario and Couponfollow. From these websites you will find several coupons for variety of End clothing student discount.

After you are done shopping in END clothing’s website, paste the promotional code to obtain the students’ discount. Then, you only need to click Apply and Proceed to Checkout to finish the whole process. With a student discount, you can now have branded clothes and accessories with amazing discounts price

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Coupons for college students are used for making students’ life easier and a lot cheaper. It is acknowledgeable that life after high school is certainly not easy for either those who continue to pursue their dreams in university and college or those who prefer to find jobs and get marry.

However, as students we are faced to conquer our financial chaos, and in order to fix the chaos, coupons with students’ discounts may be able to help lessen the attack. Here below is a complete guide to help you learn about couponing.

If you don’t have any coupons in your hands, then you should find them on your own by visiting the nearest stores. Stores that are within walking distance from campuses or dorms often offer students’ discounts and coupons for college students.

Therefore, this is something which you cannot miss. Another way to start collecting coupons, mind the bin! Coupons are placed on the edge of the page, often ignored and left behind. This is your golden opportunity to grab those tiny little coupons and keep them save to later be used for saving more money. That is how you survive college, my friends.

However it is also important to remember that you need to understand the rules or the policy of each coupon you have collected. As college students, you have to keep an agile mind. Don’t let them trick you into something weird or disadvantaging your side.

Therefore, read the policy clearly and pay attention to it dearly. Once you understand these rules, you need to start clipping and collecting coupons for college students.

By using coupons and students’ discounts, your college life will improve to several levels above ramen noodle-everyday kind of lifestyle. When you are doing couponing, always remember that you do that because you want your college life gets easier. So, don’t ever forget that you are here to study too.

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It has come the time to say goodbye to summer and hello to school, welcoming back the homework and presentation, the crowded corridor, and the uncomfortable canteen. Needed to understand that your soul is not the only thing that you need to prepare to face new semester, but your wardrobe and clothing as well.

Has your back to school clothing essentials ready? It is ok if it hasn’t, because we are here to help you to arrange the essential clothes for school this year.  Here are the essentials.

The first essential is a brand new pair of socks. Wearing shoes without socks is not a good idea because it can cause your shoes and toes to smell badly. The smell is caused by the bacteria from your sweat. Therefore, new pair of socks is important as one of the back to school clothing essentials.

Another essential that comes to mind when it comes to school clothes is shirts. As you know, U.S public schools allow students to wear non-uniform attire to school as long as it is appropriate. Therefore, you don’t want to be caught wearing the same shirt over and over again, don’t you? Ask your parents to buy you new shirts with cool designs, or blouse if you prefer feminine look.

What is the other back to school clothing essentials? In case you forgotten, new shoes are important as well. Shoes have been used overtime during school before holiday and summer. The sole may be broken, the laces may loosen, and that is why you need new shoes. It can either be sneakers, loafers, rain boots, flats, or just boots. The type of shoes depends on your preference.

Lastly, to avoid over-crowded during back-to-school season, it is suggested that you complete the essentials way before summer is over.

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The wedding is undeniably one of the most important occasion for every couple. Therefore, the groom and bride would like to look their bests at their wedding. Especially for the bride, it’s the moment where they look beautiful the most. These style tips for a wedding will help you to look the best version of you and become the queen in your wedding.

First, consider the type of the wedding dress. Match it with your figure so you will not look like some clumsy princess. If you are short, an above knee dress with a tail will make you look taller and style your hair in a bun to reveal your gorgeous neck. If you are petite, a sweetheart dress with the heart-shaped chest will fill out your figure. Perfectly styled curls to decorate your head will add the elegance of your look.

The next style tips for a wedding is to be careful with the choice of shoes. Make sure you don’t sacrifice the comfort for the look only. You obviously don’t want to trip during tour wedding ceremony. A flat shoe is right for a skinny and tall woman, while shoes with some heels can do well for petite and short women. High kneeled shoes go well with the short dress while open toe shoes go well with long, flowing dress.

For the last, makeup. You are your most beautiful version when it is you. It means you should ask the makeup artist not to put your face too much make up. The risk is you can be highly unrecognizable, or you will look like Frankenstein’s bride. Pull out make up that can bring out your natural beauty. Besides, those happy smiles decorating your lips will also add your charm. Those are style tips for the wedding for the best look in your most special day.

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Going to a festival and has nothing to wear? It is not like you have nothing to wear, it is just a matter of how you can match what is in the closet and mix them to be an entirely cool festival fashion. With these outrageous closet pullout fashion ideas, you will walk your way to the event with full confidence.

EDM/Electro Music Festival

EDM/Electro is now the most popular music genre with many notable EDM musicians that topped the Billboard. If you are going to such festival, the best outfit is, go something with neon. Wear sneakers; jeans cam be ripped or the ordinary one and go with something bold and even wild. Choose the vibrant color for your shirt like shocking pink, neon blue, yellow, bright green and don’t be afraid to show your peculiar taste of dress. A hat from your favorite DJ can also complete your outfit for the festival.

Rock/Pop Punk Festival

Just by hearing the genre, you know your outfit should be wickedly cool with the dark aura surrounding you. However, don’t go overboard by overdressed yourself or use too much makeup. The best matching outfit for Rock/Pop Punk festival fashion is by choosing black or any neutral color, provably a shirt printed with your favorite band. Ripped jeans, combat boots, and some bold eyeliner will do the look. If you want to appear a bit feminine, add the touch of bold pink or purple and black or bright red shade of lip cream.

Culture Festival

Going to the festival of culture will need you to suit the culture presented in the festival. For example, of it is an Indian Hipster Festival, go with earthy color, wavy hair, warm toned makeup and necklace. Necklace particularly is a good accessory to go with. Long flared up skirt with boots and some strands of braided hair will make you look cultured. They are all easy to find and you probably already have them in your closet, so festival fashion is simple.

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