A recent article on the BusinessWeek.com website by Karen E. Klein called “Three Easy Ways to Cut Costs” focused on ways that small business owners can save money. How can the average homeowner use these money saving tips to “Make Money by Saving Money”?

TIP #1: The first suggestion in Ms. Klein’s article was “Do an asset audit.” Her suggestion for small business owners was that they should conduct an audit of all of the company’s assets, such as electronics, computers, furniture, etc., and sell or otherwise dispose of any assets not being used. How can this suggestion be applied to the typical homeowner?


Do an audit of your assets. That means your furniture, your clothes, your electronics, your entertainment.

Take the time to go through closets and weed out everything that hasn’t been worn in a year. Go through those bookcases and box up books you’ve read and don’t plan on keeping to read again. Dump out your jewelry box and find those items that haven’t been worn in years – whether they be 24k gold or costume jewelry. The same goes for furniture, electronics, CDs, DVDs, and anything else that may have been purchased “in excess” over the past few years.

Decide if the items are worth the time it will require to sell them on ebay or at a consignment store, or if you would prefer to either give them away, trade them with friends and family (this works especially well with CDs and DVDs!), or donate them to charity. You will make or save money (at the very least, you will get the tax deduction for your charitable contributions!) – or you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you have given or traded these items to someone who will appreciate them.

Being frugal with your money means not buying items that you don’t need. It means buying items used instead of new. It also means selling items you no longer use.

TIP #2: Ms. Klein’s second tip for small business owners was to “Use email over postage mail whenever possible.” For the small business owner, this not only means using email for paying bills, but also for sending out invoices or marketing materials. How can this tip help the average homeowner?


In general, the homeowner can save money by asking themselves “is there a better way to do this?” Can you save money by buying something online over the cost of driving around town looking for the item? Is it cheaper to pay bills online instead of with checks? Can I pick up my phone and get an answer to my question quicker and easier than trying to get the answer in another way?

If you are one of the 75% of Americans who have access to the Internet through a home computer, then use that computer to save money! To save money on bill-paying, consider using your bank website’s “Bill Pay” options. While the cost of a stamp may seem miniscule, add into that cost the cost of envelopes, checks, pens, the gasoline to get to the mailbox … month after month after year after year … and it will soon become obvious that paying bills online is indeed a worthwhile way to save money!

Bills can also be paid online through store websites, which allows you to use the store credit card and whatever discounts or benefits may come from that usage.

There is something to be said for a handwritten letter, so I’m not going to suggest that such correspondence be stopped altogether if you still keep in touch with friends and relatives in this way. But consider reducing the number of letters to special occasions, and corresponding by email otherwise. If there are several members of your family or friends that correspond with each other, consider setting up a “team blog” where everyone can add posts and keep up on each other’s news quickly and easily. Many blogging sites, such as Blogger.com, contain information about how to set up team or group blogs.

Take advantage of technology to save money over the cost of doing things the old-fashioned way.

TIP #3. Ms. Klein’s third suggestion for small business owners was to “Manage your fuel consumption carefully.” Small business owners save money on their delivery trucks by pre-planning delivery routes and fuel-efficient vehicles. Homeowners can also save money by pre-planning trips and an efficient use of fuel.


Think ahead before going out to run errands. Combine trips. Go to the gas station and the grocery store and the bank and the fast food place, which are all within 2 blocks of each other, during the same trip!

Plan out trips to make sure you are making the most efficient use of your vehicle. Save on the amount of fuel consumed by your vehicle by driving the speed limit (or below). A reduction in speed from 60 mph to 55 will save a half mile per gallon on the number of miles you can get from a gallon of gas. This may not seem like much, but it adds up over the course of a year.

Don’t make jackrabbit starts or stops. Start off slowly from a stoplight – don’t push the pedal to the floor! Slow sensible stops and starts can increase gas mileage by as much as 33% on the highway and 5% in town.

Consider turning the car off if it will be idling for more than 30 seconds. Use your cruise control whenever possible to keep the vehicle’s speed steady. These and other small changes in the way you drive can save quite a bit of money over time.

You can significantly improve the gas mileage of your vehicle – this is not out of your control!

The money saving tips provided in these three areas alone will allow the average homeowner to make money by saving money. And that is the first step to survival in these poor economic times.

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They’re a bit of a status symbol, aren’t they? Women, as well as men, love designer sunglasses. And why not? We wear them almost daily, so why should we not pay for them? And since we pay for them, why should our friends not see the cool designer name etched on the side?

Ray Bans are the thing of now–for men or women, at any age in any size, any style. We do love our Ray Bans–classics, they are. This might have been the biggest fashion comeback (from the 80s), maybe ever. But at $200 (and that’s not including a prescription), the question is: are they worth it?

And what about those $300 Prada Sunglasses? Gorgeous yes. Worth $300-$500? No. Especially since those Jessica Simpson glasses at TJ Maxx are indistinguishable copies. And if you’re a normal human being who loses sunglasses on a regular basis, they definitely aren’t worth it. Here’s what you need to know:

You are paying for name ONLY. And, a fancy case…again: TJ Maxx, people. The sunglasses do not more offer protection and most importantly, are not made better.

According to the Wall Street Journal, most sunglasses are made by the same company. I REPEAT, they all come from the same place! And guess what? This goes for your spectacles, too. Italian manufacturer Luxottica pretty much has a monopoly on…well…everything. Glasses, included. Perhaps what you’re paying for is the idea that your designer glasses are being manufactured in Italy (because doesn’t it sound better than Taiwan?). About 70% are and the rest in America or China. But still…same glasses, lower manufacturing cost. So that is ultimately what you’re paying for: the cost to do business in Europe.

You are probably buying your sunglasses from Luxottica, no matter where you purchase them. The same company is also selling your sunglasses. Luxottica owns, LensCrafters, Pearle Vision and Sunglasses Hut. So, to clarify, your doctor may be peddling sunglasses if he wants to remain in good standing with the company he works for.

The margin is incredibly high, which means the markup is HUGE, which means your getting hosed. Luxottica is making $.52 on every dollar, including overhead. And they’re doing great. Stock is at an all-time high.

And finally, cost has little to do with the amount of protection you’re getting. As long as you’re getting 100% protection against UV rays, you’re good…and that shouldn’t cost you more than $40. After that, what the heck, pay a little extra for polarizing lenses that cut glare. Now, you can afford it.

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Tips on Saving Money as a Family

In these tough economic times, frugality pays “literally.” There are many ways for families to save money and enjoy doing it together. I have used most of the tips below and they will save you money and you will benefit in many ways, including the satisfaction you will get from knowing you were successful in living within your budget.

Couponing 101

Many people think it is too time consuming to clip coupons and then remember to take them to the store. However, if you do it right, it can save you money and it won’t take a lot of your time.

Get organized

First you need to get organized by getting a coupon caddy or ‘organizer.’ You can find these at The Dollar Tree or other dollar stores in your area. Make tabs for the things you normally buy, like cleaning products, cosmetics/beauty aids, pet stuff, snacks, imperishable, etc…….

Clip from Sunday’s newspaper

Use Sunday’s paper as your main source for coupons. Clip only the coupons for items you already use or were going to try anyway. Hold on to your coupons until the item is on sale and you will save more, but be sure to use before the expiration date.

Check Clearance Kiosk

I always check out the clearance items in places like Wal-Mart first, and then use the coupon. This is how you really rack up the savings, because the items are already marked way down and you can also use your coupon.

Find stores in your area that double coupons

If stores where you live double coupons and they are within close proximity to your house, then it’s worth it to buy items you use when they’re on sale and then get your couponed. However, with gas being high, I don’t recommend driving more than 5-10 miles, and then only if you have multiple items to purchase.

Get the kids involved in saving money

Teach age appropriate children to think of ways they can earn money, such as babysitting, pet sitting, mowing lawns, or delivering papers. Earning their own money teaches them the value of it and will likely make them more cautious as to what they spend it on.

Have the kids take short showers instead of baths to cut water consumption. Teach them to hang up their clothes upon removing them if they are not soiled. This will prevent having to wash and dry as often, thus saving money.

Turn off water while brushing teeth, and briefly running it for rinsing.

Drink water, milk and juices which are less expensive than soda.

Turn off lights, TV’s, computers, stereo, and other small appliances when not in use.

Give gifts of time instead of money.

Reduce number of times you eat out vs. eating at home.

Carpool with other friends, family if possible to save on gas.

Keep cars tuned to maximize gas mileage.

Ask about opportunities to lower interest rate on credit cards, or better than that, live on cash and shred credit cards.

These suggestions are all common sense things, but doing them will help you to live within your monthly budget.

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Give Yourself an Instant Raise by Saving Your Hard Earned Money

Money saving tips that can save you thousands every year are right under your nose. We all want that miracle cure that will allow up to save money and still live our comfortable lifestyle. These money saving tips should help you stay within your budget, save thousands, and hopefully hardly notice the any major difference from your current lifestyle.

One of the first money saving tips your can do it to consolidate your phone, internet, and cable service. If you are using three different services, you are wasting money. You use three different stamps as well, which can actually add up. That actually adds up to about $13.00 a year, which may seem like a small money saving tip, but every little bit of money saved counts. Actually consolidating you three service providers can save you from $30 to $80 a month depending on your home services and plans. Now that is big money saving tip.

A small, but unnecessary waste of money that will help you save your hard earned dollar is transferring all of your bills to be paid online. Online bill paying eliminates the need for stamp, envelopes, and most importantly any late fees you accrue when your check gets lost in the mail.

Many student loan plans offer an initial reduction in your monthly payment if you sign up for online bill pay. Some student loan companies will even take an extra .5 to 1.0% off of your interest rate if you use bill pay successfully for at least six months to a year.

Setting up online bill pay will take minimal time and you really won’t feel the difference at all, except when you don’t have to go to the post office for stamps!! Oh, by the way, if you mail an average of ten bills a month that is a yearly cost of $44.40 you could save if you did not have to buy stamps!

To cut your heating bill in half take a lesson from Jimmy Carter. I saw this money saving tip one night when the former president was being interviewed on CNN or some other cable channel. He suggested to American during his presidency that if they would all lower their thermostats to 55 degrees in the winter, they would save the nation fifty percent of the fuel it currently consumed. Not to mention saving yourself some money. Of course I was intrigued and had to try.

I know my previous year’s gas bill, so I took a year and through the entire winter turned the thermostat down to 55 degrees every night when I went to sleep. When I woke up I turned it back to 68 degrees. I saved at least half on my gas bill for the entire year. I do have to say that the year I tried this was this past winter, when gas prices tripled for heating your home.

My neighbor’s heating bill for their home was around $350 every month. Mine was about $130 to $136 every month. I live in a two-bedroom one-bath house. I even cheated occasionally and only turned it down to sixty degrees. So, throw an extra blanket on the bed and you won’t even notice the difference! This money saving tip saved me $2400 this past year.

To save money on your water bill turn the water off when you brush your teeth. All of our parents preached this money saving tip to us growing up. In fact I think my extreme waste of water in the past few years has been a rebellion against this incessant preaching. You should understand that you waste on average 1.5 gallons of water when you allow your water to run continually while brushing your teeth.

For a family of four this adds up to 6570 gallons of water per year if you brush your teeth three times a day. Give your self an instant raise and start preaching some the same advise your parents did! A quick way to enforce money saving tip is insist that everyone brush his or her teeth with the stopper in the bathroom sink. They can’t leave the water running or it will overflow.

Trust me this actually works! My sink was stopped up and I learned quickly how easy it is to just turn the water off! Once you get into the habit of turning the water off, you won’t even feel the difference.

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There is something about what each lady wears, it need not be special, it need not be very attention grabbing, but it essentially has to be something that is very feminine. Whatever a lady wears should make her look every bit of the lady that she is from inside and from the outside as well.

To make her feel that way too, a woman wears only that which makes her feel feminine. Probably that is why, women are said to be more cautious and more charming, when it comes to being dressed properly.

One major propelling factor is sure that the attire she adorns and the confidence she carries it with. Women’s fashion is has and will be a major component to grab attention and keep the flame burning. It not only enhances a personality but adds to the confidence of the person.

Variety is the spice of life..

As women the choice of material color and design matter lot elegance is not with the dress it’s with the right choice. We will discuss a few possible choice possibilities for official look. They say formals and business casuals but if youz are one that likes to the T descriptions read on buddy

Let’s talk about the best divisions possible in women’s fashion for this category:

1) Pants

If you have a slight tummy and not really heavy on your feet then the straight Pencil pants are a Perfect fit but if you have heavy thighs the better choice would be a trouser the olden Model Pants just seem to be creeping back into fashion so experimenting with harem formal might not be a mistake…

2) Skirts

This what I’d suggest if the meeting you are attending is followed up by a Party then it would Probably be a good choice to wear a pencil skirt loose flowing skirts don’t really hit the mark for official use.

3) Dress

When we speak of a dress a thousand models and ideas come to our mind am going to elaborate only the kinds that suit official purpose

a) Peplums:

It’s the perfect choice for someone with a slight flab teaming it with a blazer always adds to the beauty of a beautiful Peplum dress or skirt

b) Empire waist:

The empire waist dresses manage to highlight the body in a majestic way and are an amazing to dress in Plaid colors

c) Basque

The Victorian style dress has left a mark being modified to magnificent personality enhancing beauty.

d) Tunics

Tunics are a fun way to add to the beauty of a formal occasion so if you are bored with the daily dress you wear throw in an occasional peplum with a Legging and steal the show with the right accessories

4) Blouses:

The must haves blouses are usually simple button downs in white, black, beige and cream.

The wrap blouse has begun making its mark in the ladies wardrobe industry but do not prefer it if you have an amazing bosom. The short sleeve blouses a strict yes but make sense only if worn tight. The peasant blouse has been in fashion since the 1960s and yet draws awe when teamed with formal pants and is big yes of present times.

Dos and dont’s

  • Never prefer floral prints they discourage or reduce the seriousness of your talk
  • Compulsory additions to wardrobe should be a black and beige Blazers
  • Pick scarves that match any and every dress
  • Prefer one or two Pairs of accessories that go with most of the dresses
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If you’re a regular online shopper, you probably already know that your information is everywhere. On your Facebook page, you might have noticed those shoes you were browsing yesterday pop up on the sidebar.

A little creepy, right? And yet, we ignore it because it’s become our new normal. But one study by investigative journalists showed that some websites might actually be using your shopping history against you.

This shocking discovery showed that based on your spending habits and other factors, some items might appear higher for you, than for your friend who has different (and more frugal) spending habits, or might live one town over.

Another factor in the study was location. Never think you’re invisible—you’re not, even to a Staples store. One company said that they use the user’s IP address to determine the most appropriate price based on their location. If the retailer perceives that you live in a higher income area, the price comes up by a few bucks.

They can also gauge what bricks and mortar competitors might be near you, and thus price accordingly. For example, if you can easily visit a competing store only two miles away, the price will reflect that. In this case, you’re at the advantage.  Unless there is no competitor for miles…then you’re stuck. In that case, shop the competitor’s website instead!

Perhaps most disturbingly, is the prospect that you might be put into a category, based on your shopping habits, if you keep cookies on your computer. Or, if you have an account with the retail website, they know what kind of spender you are. You might be labeled “frugal” or “big spender.” On this, the retailers declined to comment, but the investigators suspect this plays a role.

Here’s the million dollar question: Is it fair? Retailers argue that this type of “dynamic pricing” happens all the time—the consumer is just used to it in the physical world. For example, a consumer might expect that gas is cheaper a few towns over because the average income is known to be higher. Why should Staples operate any differently? And what about consumer profiles that do allow for deeper discounts, like seniors and students?

The bottom line is this: as usual, do your shopping homework and delete your cookies.

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Most people like to save their money in shopping things where they can get discount. Individuals can save their money on discount sale. Not only saving money, people who do not have enough money to buy something can they go for discount sale. In olden times it is tough for people to find the discount sale and where they will get products for discount rate. But now the invention in technology made everything easy people can get everything in their doorstep.

Online shopping is become popular between people they can buy anything with the comfort of home. There are many online sites are ready to sell their products. Most of the people who are not interest to go for shopping can purchase things in online. The main advantage in purchasing online people can select the things with relax any tension. And they no need to search place for where they can park their vehicle.

People who are very busy in their work it is hard for them to go for shopping. If the crowd is high in the shop they need to wait and if the time turns 10 most of the shops are ready to close so people who come for shopping after their business hour it is hard for them to shop relax. People need to purchase the product without seeing many products in a rush hour.

But in online shopping, people can purchase the things at anytime without any tension. There are huge collections of products which are ready to sale and they can see the features and price of the products. It will help them to buy the products. Most of the people have the comparison between products price and features. They can see the price and features of every product and then decide which product is good for them.

Wide collections of products

It is good to see wide collections of products. They can buy the products which they like most. Most of the people have craze on dresses, accessories, shoes and bags they can find varieties of collection in online and they can choose the best model for low rate.

Online shopping made easy for people that they can buy the products of other countries and free shipping is offered by many countries. The country directly selling their product so the price of the product is low in online sale.

They also are offering free shipping which helps people to buy the different amount of items from the country which is famous for. Visitors of online store like to buy the accessories and dresses which they are using more and enjoy their shopping and they can save more money for every product.

The visitors who are purchasing in the online store they want to use the coupons in which they can get discount for every product. In some items the promo code is present in it and for some products the promo code are inside the website page and people need to mention the promo code for discounts. The wide collection of shoes can buy for half of the rate and for some products they will get 75% discount.

Having shoes with different models and brands is good for people because shoes are useful for daily uses. Ladies can purchase a wide choice of handbags in which they can take handbags which suits their dress. In discount sale where people like to purchase 1 will buy lots of collections. It is gain for both the customer and seller and both can enjoy the profit.

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Ever heard of store that has exclusively only sell guns? People probably have already heard about Brownells. This gun selling company has been exist for 77 years and founded by Brownell family. The store is originally in Iowa but it has expanded and starts to accept shipping order.

The latest one is their grand opening their first retail store in Grinnell, Iowa. His store exclusively sells guns and its parts and accessories. Store with 7000 square retail store as well as 245,000 distribution centre can hold many collection of guns. The collection is varied, from Glocks to riffles, all are available.


Brownells is one of the few stores that has been trusted by many gun enthusiasts. The quality of the gun is under good care here and every weapons sold in here is sure to have license and is legit. Moreover, as the manager of the store said, people can directly modify and add accessories or parts of the gun at the store. The Brownell family is sure taking much attention for the customer satisfaction.

They recruit full time and part time workers that trained to know and capable of gun stuff as well. There is 30 totals of workers and 1200 firearms. If customer couldn’t find the gun or accessories in the counter, they can assign their desired product if it may be found in warehouse or the store will try to help finding them by providing computer in which customer can get access of the store collection.

Overall, Brownells is an experienced store that gives satisfying customer care and is well-managed one. The computing system is new to this old founded store and it is a good development of a gun store in a little town like Iowa. For the price, compared to the service it gives is worth the money and the store is located in a strategic location as well.

Brownells Coupons

Use coupon code LAK good for $10 off all orders of $75+. Click here

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6PM Coupons and Deals

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6PM Store Review

6pm is an online store focused on selling fashion products. This one is the sister of Zappos, which is under Amazon. Though indirectly under Amazon that gives exceptional customer care, this fashion store focuses more on giving good price. As expected, this store is almost always giving big day sale and clearance sale every day. This is as expected from a site that focuses on giving good price in its products. In this shop, people can find shoes, clothes, jewelry, bags, and accessories.

Is 6pm Scam?

No, it is not a scam. The complaint received is only due to the strict of customer service this store has. Unlike Amazon, this online store doesn’t even have column for review and it doesn’t accept exchange. This is because this store focuses on giving good price. People may get discount and low price but don’t expect too much its customer service. Regardless, this online store is legit, since it is under big online store. Any product sold at this store is only the original and not any defects products are offered. Besides, their not accepting exchange is due to its nature to offer limited, out of stock products that people may not find in other store.

Tips on Buying at 6pm

The plus point of this store is that it often offers products that are limited, discontinued or out of stock in other stores. The stock may be limited, therefore, immediately place the order of the products desired and check on the website every day. The big sale in this store is offered everyday so people may as well has only slim chance to get limited products. Place order in the even if payment will not be done immediately. With this method, the chance of getting the desired product is bigger and payment doesn’t need to be done as soon as possible.

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Having coupon codes or valid coupon codes sometimes become a good chance for us. From the coupon codes that we have, we can get some opportunities, such as get the present, or something else, like the discount or sale in a certain shop.

As we know that coupon code is a code in which becomes a coupon to that could be use to get many advantages such things above. Actually, there are some kinds of way the company or shop to give to the coupon code to their consumers. Those ways can be used until the limited day that already set by the company or shop.

Some companies or shops spread their coupon codes directly in their shops; most of them do it by online and some other by their relation with other company.

Because this is coupon codes, which means the coupon is only about the code that we have, so we have to make sure that the coupon codes that we get is the valid coupon codes.

Of course, we will know that the coupon code is valid or not only by checking it to the company or shop. We can ask to the costumers services or ask whether there is a coupon code promotion or not.

After knowing whether your coupon code is the valid one or not, if yours is valid coupon codes, you have to make sure that you know the term in use of the coupon code that you have.

Something like the limit date and other things such what you will get by changing the coupon are the things that you have to know about, when you have a coupon code.

Do not forget to change the coupon with the present or sale that you have, so you can get the opportunity from the coupon you get.

Do you still confuse about how to get the valid coupon codes from certain shops, brands or companies? As already explained before, there are some ways of the shops, brands or companies to spread the coupon codes to their consumers, which mean there are some ways for you to get the coupon codes too.For the example, you might get the coupon by buying some products in certain amount of cost, then you will get the free coupons online.

Other way to get the coupon is that you might get the coupon from another shop or company, of course it because both of the company and shop have a relationship. You might get the coupon from the promotion or something else.

To sum up, there are some ways that give you a chance to get the coupon codes. From those ways, you can get your coupon. Check out popular coupon codes at this site

Then, after you get your coupon, you have to make sure that you know the term in use of the coupon that you have, so that you can get the present or the discount properly. Do not forget to change your valid coupon codes before the limit. Well, are you ready to change your coupon codes?

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