5 sneakers are popular all time

By on May 25, 2016

Looking comfortable shoes is easy-soft easy hard. Difficult because the standard of comfort everyone is different, it’s easy because you really do have a lot of choice.

One type of shoes is much-loved for its comfortable sneakers or sneakers. Shoes were originally made for this sport feels comfortable because the soles are made of rubber and cloth shoes thick.

Wearing sneakers will be more comfortable on the feet than high heels for women’s or men’s loafers. In addition, many models of sneakers with timeless. Some of them are still popular and produced up to now.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Candymag launch, this shoe was originally designed for playing basketball. However, because the model is simple and robust material, these shoes then so widely worn as supporting elements in style.

For women, this shoe is easily paired with any outfit. Good style sporty, casual with jeans or a feminine dress with flowers.

Adidas Originals Stan Smith

This shoe was first produced in 1965. Known as the first tennis shoes made with leather.

Adidas shoe got its name from an American tennis great Stan Smith. His face was drawn on the shoe tongue being returned mengetren this.

Over time, this sport shoe then a lot of worn for everyday and became known as sneakers. GQ has named Adidas Stan Smith sneakers as one of the most must-have shoes.

The original Keds Champion

When it was first created in 1916, Keds widely used by Olympic athletes, one of which is the players. Since then those who are fond of exercise often wearing these shoes.

The shoes have soles made of soft rubber is then began ogled as loafers. Moreover, the model is very simple so it does not look striking when paired with a variety of styles.

Currently the singer Taylor Swift is becoming the ambassador for shoe identical to kets this white color.

Air Jordan I

Air Jordan was originally created and produced by basketball player Michael Jordan. Soon the company was holding Nike shoes and hook Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore to draw a model of Air Jordan shoes with better again. Finally the typical shoe basketball player is sold to the public in 1985.

With a thick material and comfortable, these shoes became icons because touted as the pioneer of the birth of modern sneakers are widely known today.

New Balance 574

New Balance shoes earlier known as running shoes. But the colors are striking making many people ogled as everyday shoes.

Complex even said that the issue of the New Balance 574 is more in demand as a casual shoe that is used daily rather than running shoes. The color is varied also make these shoes fit combined with various style, especially when paired with jeans or chinos for men.