3 Fantabulous Festival Fashion Ideas

By on June 3, 2016

Festival Fashion Ideas

Going to a festival and has nothing to wear? It is not like you have nothing to wear, it is just a matter of how you can match what is in the closet and mix them to be an entirely cool festival fashion. With these outrageous closet pullout fashion ideas, you will walk your way to the event with full confidence.

EDM/Electro Music Festival

EDM/Electro is now the most popular music genre with many notable EDM musicians that topped the Billboard. If you are going to such festival, the best outfit is, go something with neon. Wear sneakers; jeans cam be ripped or the ordinary one and go with something bold and even wild. Choose the vibrant color for your shirt like shocking pink, neon blue, yellow, bright green and don’t be afraid to show your peculiar taste of dress. A hat from your favorite DJ can also complete your outfit for the festival.

Rock/Pop Punk Festival

Just by hearing the genre, you know your outfit should be wickedly cool with the dark aura surrounding you. However, don’t go overboard by overdressed yourself or use too much makeup. The best matching outfit for Rock/Pop Punk festival fashion is by choosing black or any neutral color, provably a shirt printed with your favorite band. Ripped jeans, combat boots, and some bold eyeliner will do the look. If you want to appear a bit feminine, add the touch of bold pink or purple and black or bright red shade of lip cream.

Culture Festival

Going to the festival of culture will need you to suit the culture presented in the festival. For example, of it is an Indian Hipster Festival, go with earthy color, wavy hair, warm toned makeup and necklace. Necklace particularly is a good accessory to go with. Long flared up skirt with boots and some strands of braided hair will make you look cultured. They are all easy to find and you probably already have them in your closet, so festival fashion is simple.