Absolutely, a routine helps enormously. I’m a huge advocate of routines, and have written about them here. So your words are true! I think one of the specific challenges among a sector of mother’s day gift readers are having very small children at home. It’s borderline impossible to have the same day every day, and to get one thing done means to also stop three times to refill a sippy cup, kiss a boo-boo, pick up a toy from the high chair again and again and again… My point being, I think a routine is most needed and highly recommended, but it’s not always easy with little ones. It’s easy to let life’s little chores pile up, if you’re not careful.

I’ve done that 15 minute timer trick many times and it works wonders. Sometimes I look around and get overwhelmed with the amount of things I see that I want to clean, tidy up, or organize. I set the timer and I do what I can in that time period. I may not get to it all, but I always feel much better after I am done. It saves my sanity.

I’ve recently discovered that listening to podcasts while ironing helps me to stop putting it off. I actually look forward to it sometimes if there’s something interesting on my iPod!

I decided to try a similar tack with other tasks that I put off around the house. If I’m feeling overwhelmed or simply can’t be bothered with something, I put on some fast tempo music and do whatever it is for the duration of 1 song. Nine times out of ten, I get the task done before the song finishes

People ask me all the time how I keep my house so “clean” and THIS IS THE ANSWER!!! I’m not neurotic, really – I’m not one of “those moms.” I just have a place for everything and about 2-3 times a day, I do a clean sweep through the main room and kitchen and put everything back where it belongs. The kids pick up their toys before naps and bedtime. I clean up kitchen messes immediately and if dishes sit in the sink, they soak in water to avoid food crusties. I fold and put away laundry right away. (that’s a big one b/c if I leave it for later, I won’t do it for days)

I linked to your blog to tell my friends and readers the answer to the “your house always seems so clean…” comments. THANKS!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Frugality is not for everyone. You just can’t convince everyone that the effort to clip coupons, skip the coffee shop latte over making your own coffee or buying store brands is worth the few dollars you save week to week. There are a number of ways that money can be saved that are often overlooked though, and if you happen to be overlooking the items from this list – you could be paying much more than a few bucks a week unnecessarily.

Subscription Overhaul

I read an article a while back in Whatiscainz that I clipped, and which quickly disappeared under a pile of crap on my desk. Well, it just showed up today, and I read it again.

People spend more money on subscriptions than they even realize, at times. Subscriptions can include anything that you pay monthly (or regularly, anyway) for – like magazines, newspapers, websites, cable television, music services, gyms. Subscriptions are great tools for business owners because it gives them a way to predict their incoming funds – but for the consumer, not so good! You’re paying whether you remember you have the subscription or not – even if you forget to use it! In some cases, a subscription saves you money over paying per use – for example, if you’re someone who visits the gym three to five days per week religiously – you would never benefit from paying $5 or $10 per visit. On the other hand, if you go to the gym an average of just three times a month, you MAY be better off paying per visit (or skipping the gym altogether for free forms of exercise).

Spend some time analyzing the things you pay for through subscription or regular monthly fees. Are you paying for Netflix or Blockbuster movies by mail? Figure out how many movies you actually watch and what they cost you per movie. For most people, hitting the movie store on the way home to rent a DVD once a week might be less expensive than paying per month.

Cancel any subscriptions you don’t need or don’t make use of. Replace it with a pay-as-you-go version that works better and saves you money. If you’ve got a subscription to Rhapsody or other music service for example, but regularly only listen to one or two songs – just pay $.99 per song on iTunes rather than a monthly subscription. What about cable tv? If you’re not an avid watcher of 321 channels that you pay $102 a month for, maybe you’d be better off buying the episodes of the shows you DO want to watch at $1.99 per episode each month? Figure it out on paper and see for yourself.

The amount you save on subscriptions each month can work more to your advantage in an interest bearing savings or checking account than it can paying for subscriptions on services you barely use.

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Attending a wedding or a formal event sometimes requires that we appear in long-lasting makeup. Although not wearing full makeup, lip blush can make at least a fresher face. For those of you who are looking for a new lipstick to use at the office, you can consider the waterproof options so they don’t re-apply. Here are seven recommendations:

Make Up For Ever Artist Nude Creme


As the name implies, the following Make Up For Ever liquid lipstick promises a waterproof formula. This makes it not easy to fade when you drink. Besides not fading easily, this lipstick is also equipped with liquid lip gloss for a different look. You can get this sexy lipstick for US$14.00 on the official website.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick


Beauty lovers are certainly familiar with the choice of the following lip blush. Many reviews mention that this lipstick produces good colors and of course waterproof. Even so, the formula does not overly dry lips. Get this with only US$20,00 on the official website or you can search it on some websites that will help you to reduce the price with coupons.

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick


Urban Decay has a series of lipsticks that are also worth a look. Vice Series also offers lipstick with durability that is even claimed to be ‘life-proof’. Besides not needing frequent re-application, you also don’t really need lip balm every time you use it. This lipstick will seduce you because you can get one of the best lipstick at only US$10.00. So what are you are waiting for? Just check the website right now or search for coupons for the best deal.

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Giving your mom an exotic bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers for the occasion is by all means the best way to tell her how much she means to you. With flowers you can tell her how lucky you feel to have her as your mother, friend, guide and advisor. But, how happy would you feel to give her a bit of surprise? The best way to surprise your mom on this special day is by sending her flowers through an online flower store. To send Mothers Day flower arrangements online, you can always rely on Saesha Flowers. Saesha Flowers promises to offer you the best collection of Mother’s Day flower bouquets at the most affordable prices.

Mothers Day is an event celebrated throughout the world. Even though the day is celebrated on various days in different countries, the idea of the celebration remains same. It is a day to celebrate and honor mothers and motherhood. The concept of this day was initiated in Philadelphia in the year 1907. In those days, the day was celebrated in the honor of the Mother of Gods. In United States this day had been nationally recognized in the year 1914 as a holiday. Today, in most countries Mother’s Day is marked by the second Sunday of May every year.

On this very occasion children across the globe honor their mothers with cards, flowers, chocolates and different kinds of gift items. However, flowers have always been the most popular Mothers Day gift item throughout. Nowadays, most people rely on online florists to send Mothers Day Flowers, especially the people living away from their homes. Saesha Flowers delivers flower bouquets to almost every corner of the world.

The online florist has a huge collection of fascinating flower arrangements made from various kinds of flowers. Variety of Tulips, Roses, Lilies, Gerberas and Carnations are used by Saesha Flowers to make Mothers Day flower bouquets and decorate them with different kind of leaves, colorful ribbons and other accessories. You can either choose a bouquet made of a single variety of flower or can send the brightest of bouquets made of assorted flowers.

No matter where and when you want your Mothers Day flowers to be delivered, Saesha Flowers will always give you the best of their services.

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Managing all of the different aspects and details that go into an eating establishment that is not just a place to get food but is actually an experience definitely has its challenges, but is also very rewarding and fulfilling. We are able to work with people and humanity in a social and friendly atmosphere that makes it such a pleasure. As my partner, Dmitry Lisovitskiy, comes from a managerial background, especially in the IT sector, this was a chance for him to interact with the public at a new level and in a refreshing way. We aren’t just looking to make a buck; we are genuinely interested in the human element and how we can contribute to people enjoying themselves.

As far as starting the establishment in a medium-sized town like Clearwater, Florida, there were several aspects to consider. First, we found there was a demand for fine dining in the downtown area that was not being answered. Second, there is a general lack of authentic Italian food culture throughout the US, as it has been absorbed and Americanized, so we wanted to provide that experience to our patrons. And third, we were able to find a perfect venue that would allow us to answer the first two demands. Our location has allowed us to customize a floor plan that is complete with an Italian fountain and mezzanine that will convey the atmosphere of an Italian piazza. So instead of someone just ordering a pizza and or a pasta dish, we wanted to provide an atmosphere that would also lift the mood with a specific aesthetic.

Regarding the bigger picture of the economy, we really don’t consider this a major factor and don’t think others should either. If you do your job very well, if you give 100% yourself to the job and are genuinely passionate, you can never fail. Additionally, we are dealing with an industry where there is constant demand. People still need good food. They still need entertainment. And if you’re the best of the best, they will go to your place. Another good thing about the recession is that people would like to get real value for their money. If it’s not a recession, people may not be so selective, but because their funds may become limited, they would like to make sure they are completely satisfied with their service and experience. Our goal is to bring people more value on the money they spend, and that is key because they will value you, trust you and be happy with what they have received, which is what it is all about.

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What could be better in the morning than a tasty scone to accompany your cup of coffee or morning tea? Scones are lighter than biscuits and have less calories. Crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside, a scone is a foodie’s favorite friend.

If you are looking for a great scone mix to make your own at home, try Sticky Fingers Bakeries scone mix. They are your online resource for providing all-natural mixes for scones specialty foods and other bakery goods. Besides being all-natural, Sticky Fingers Bakeries mixes contain no colorings, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no trans fat or saturated fats. What you can expect is wholesome goodness and plenty of taste and flavor that is good for you.

Scone specialty foods are Sticky Fingers Bakeries top selling product. Learning to make your own scones can save money and time in the morning. They can be made the night before and served the next morning for a light breakfast. What makes the scone mix so great is the convenience. These easy-to-make mixes make bakery and coffeehouse scones by just adding water, stirring, and baking. You will get the same quality freshness and taste as if you got them from a bakery.

Sticky Fingers Bakeries scone specialty foods are not just for home. Bake up a big batch of scones and bring them into the office in the morning to get your co-workers’ morning off to a great start. Also, you can create a beautiful gift basket with fresh scones for a birthday or special event.

Because of the economy, money can be tight and you might not be able to give as many gifts to loved ones as you want. This year, instead of buying store bought gifts, give a homemade gift basket of scones in such holiday flavors as peppermint chocolate chip, spiced eggnog, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon raisin. Since Sticky Fingers Bakeries scone specialty foods are so easy to make, it means less time in the kitchen and more time relaxing and celebrating the holidays with family and friends.

Scones make great snacks when you want something light, but want to curb your hunger pains. Sticky Fingers Bakeries scone specialty foods come in some of the most creative and delicious flavors, so you are sure to find one that you will like and will become your favorite. Get ready to be amazed by the delicious taste of apricot, black currant, cocoa-chocolate chip, lemon poppyseed, tart cherry, and wild blueberry.

Business owners can purchase Sticky Fingers Bakeries scone mixes for their stores as well. Customers will give repeated business for the fresh taste of these nourishing and healthy scones which will mean bigger profits and growing business. If you want a sample of their product, call the number listed on their website. Besides great scone specialty foods, Sticky Fingers Bakeries makes brownie mix, Irish Soda Bread mix, English curds, and Northwest jams.

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Very truly said…”Since God cannot be everywhere therefore he made mothers.” We cannot think about the world where there are no mothers. They are indispensable. They define our existence and make our life a pleasant journey. No one in the world can take their place. No one in the world can ignore their contribution in the upbringing of the entire human race.

This Mother’s Day, let’s concentrate all our energies in making her feel the most special person on earth. Let’s make her dazzle and sparkle with the jewels which are specially designed and intricately detailed out keeping in mind all the mothers of the world. These jewellery pieces are designed according to their taste, their lifestyle, their charisma and every inch is carved out making no compromise on style and comfort.

Surprise her with your best gift ever! See the exclaim in her expressions. See the pleasure in her laughter. Just move out of your place and make the best gift selection for your favourite person on earth. The markets are full of jewellery stores with extensive varieties and design patterns. Step in one of the stores and you will be amazed to see the innumerable varieties and superb workmanship exhibited by each and every ornament. There are beautifully sculpted necklaces, neatly crafted bracelets, delicately detailed out finger rings and the list never ends.

This Mother’s Day adorn your mother with her favourite designs and her favourite accessories because gifts, in any form are welcomed by one and all. The very gesture of presenting a beautiful gift to someone is always welcomed and enjoyed. Gifts make our celebrations special and impart them with an element of remembrance forever. No matter whether it is an eternal twig of a simple flower or an exotic piece of ornament, what really matters is the feeling behind the deed.

Therefore make the most of this Mother’s Day and make her feel your vital and blessed presence by making her happy and delighted. Let this day be among the most extraordinary days for her. So rush for the best piece of jewellery as soon as you can because everyone has a mother and everyone wants to make her feel extraordinarily blessed on that day. Jewellery stores are loaded with the latest designs and styles and are ready to help you in your selection. You will find jewellery in every possible range which could be accessorized on several outfits suitable for different occasions and celebrations.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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The world moves around beauty. Everything beautiful is bound to attract everyone towards it. Nature has bright flowers, exotic birds and lovely colours reflected in different weathers. Then, there are manmade beautiful artefacts, antique furniture and above all, eternally beautiful jewellery takes it all. Any jewellery collection is analysed firstly on the basis of its beauty and intricacy. There are several wonderful jewellery stores in the market flaunting there jewellery collections in front of the amazed customers.

Name any occasion and you will find a perfect jewellery to suit that occasion. There are jewellery collections specially dedicated to wedding parties, engagements, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and so many other festivals. There are hand crafted and skillfully sculpted ornaments available in the market for you to select the perfect piece for the perfect mood. Also you can actually look for the perfect piece for the perfect age. Since perfection is the word, world moves around, how can the world of jewellery remain behind?

There are varieties of ornaments displayed out in the shelves of luxuriously exuberant jewellery stores. Stylishly carved out bracelets for those delicate wrists, beautiful curves of finger rings for those slender fingers, exquisitely designed necklaces to curl around those sensous necklines and the collection never ends. There are jewellery pieces designed in precious metals like yellow gold, white gold, pure gemstones like diamond and eternal pearls. The kind of workmanship and intricacy found in each and every piece is commendable and is religiously followed to even an inch of the ornament.

You will find several hubs and market places specifically dedicated to jewellery collections to go upto your expectations and much beyond. Above all, these markets serve everyone and have ample collections to suit the financial limit of every customer. These jewellery collections are meant for all and for every festival and celebration. Moreover jewellery gifts make special place in the hearts of people receiving those gifts. They add an extra element of grace and elegance to the celebration. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that- “jewellery gifts are considered as one of the most auspicious gifts for every gender, every age.”

Moreover, no matter how old your jewellery collection is, it goes on touching eternity after eternity. We never discard or throw away our precious jewellery and keep them with all respect and care. The collection passes on from generation to generation. It marks are legacy, our heritage.

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Today the name Mont Blanc is synonymous for luxury items including of course, exquisite hand crafted pens but it hasn’t always been that way. You see, in their very early years they were known as Simplo Fuller Pen Company. A small company based out of Hamburg Germany that made rather simply crafted fountain pens, by today’s standards.

Their Early Years as a Start up Enterprise
The company at that time in the early 1900s was owned by three men, August Eberstein, Claus-Johannes Voss and Alfred Nehemias. Back then, being that they were a relatively new start up enterprise, the company made and sold only one pen model and that was their Rouge Et Noir that was launched in 1909.

Their First Name Change to Mont Blanc Pens
Soon after in 1910, a new model was designed and launched and that pen carried the name Mont Blanc. No one is really sure why but not long thereafter the men who ran the company decided to adapt that name to their company and hence, the company began to be known as Mont Blanc pens. By the way, Mont Blanc is the name of a mountain in France and also translates to “White Mountain” in English.

The Mont Blanc Star is launched in 1913
Their next pen to make its debut was the Mont Blanc Star in 1913 and it’s still today affectionately referred to by collectors around the globe as the Snowflake. In fact even to this day it’s one of their most sought after pens and is also extremely valuable by the way.

Their Second Name Change Came in 1934 & Again in 1977
The company continued to experience growth, due to the expanding popularity of their well made pens and in 1934 the decision was made to again change their name to Mont Blanc Simplo. So that was the name that they stuck with, all the way up to the year 1977 when the company was sold to Dunhill Corp and became known as Mont Blanc once again.

The Mont Blanc Line is expanded beyond Pens
Shortly thereafter, the decision was made to upgrade their pen line to include only high end, finely crafted pens and to also expand the entire company line to include a series of other quality crafted luxury products. At the present time Mont Blanc is operated by the Richmond group. A business conglomerate that also includes some other familiar names like Cartier and Van Cleef.

Mont Blanc Limited Edition and Collectors Series Pens
They have also continued to add new pens to their ever growing line and have become very well known for the limited edition and collectors series pens. Mont Blanc has also gained a well earned reputation for their incredibly wide range of prices that includes pens that can be found for as low as $250 all the way up to pens that carry price tags of over $100,000.

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Perhaps you’ve been considering shopping Fair Trade merchandise for the holidays or just a friend’s birthday but are still on the fence about it. Sure the prices on the long list of gift items are very reasonable but they can never beat prices at some of the bigger shopping outlets like Wal-Mart….But there’s a reason for that.

We’ll explore those reasons towards the end of this article but first there are some points that also should be examined. For instance, the fact that Fair Trade gift items are all hand crafted in far flung part of the globe by people who actually care about what they are making. People who are working to share their indigenous designs color schemes, etc. with the rest of the planet.

Hand crafted works like these just make a better gift. Also along the same lines, there are more choices than ever before in the Fair Trade gift lineup. Incredibly clever gift choices that you just can’t find on sale in larger mall based shopping outlets and hand crafted bags and totes made from used rice bags are a stellar example. Incredibly beautiful art deco bags that feature the original colors and designs that came on the rice bags themselves.

Fair Trade gift cards are just the icing on the cake if you’re gift shopping today. These cards come in a wide selection of amazing designs and they are all made from 100% recycled paper. Not just any recycled paper though. But rather, recycled paper that’s been reprocessed in an ecologically sound manner. So now you can give the “complete package”. A Fair Trade gift and an accompanying Fair Trade gift card.

When you shop and give Fair Trade gift items you aren’t just doing your part for the planets environment and social inequities. You are also helping to spread the word that it’s not ok to simply turn a blind eye to the poverty and injustices that so many disadvantaged third world peoples are forced to endure. You’re letting whoever it is that you’re giving to know that you care enough to go out of your way to shop Fair Trade.

Ok, so now back to Wall-Mart and I single out this mega-store even though there are others that are similar, for one good reason. That reason is that they are the single largest employer in the entire USA. Yet even though they employ so many, the wages that they pay their employees are consistently lower than the averages for the areas that they employ people in.

They have also been sued numerous times for things like forcing their employees to work off the clock. Forcing them to perform work related tasks after they have clocked out for instance. In one of the more recent court actions brought against them, they were found guilty of denying over 100,000 employees a lunch break that they were lawfully entitled to.

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